TPP™ Lypo - 60 Capsules

TPP™ Lypo - 60 Capsules

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TPPTM Lypo is formulated to control the persistence of lipoproteins such as LDL in the blood circulation and to minimize the absorption of cholesterol. The effects of several cholesterol and triglyceride-lowering herbal ingredients were optimized in this functional enzyme-based product. Additionally, TPPTM Lypo provides effective antioxidants to scavenge and correct free radicals within the aqueous and lipophilic cellular environments.




    TzymeTM is the trademark of a proprietary blend of highly active, functional enzymes. These enzymes are pH balanced and GI tract stable. This blend is formulated to enhance the digestive process and impart systemic benefits.

    TzymeTM Lipase – a blend of lipid digesting enzymes. Normal digestion of dietary fat is accomplished by lipases with the assistance of bile, which is produced by the liver and normally supplied by way of the gallbladder. The function of bile is to bring ingested fats into emulsion to facilitate the work of the lipases. Incomplete digestion of fats may result in diarrhea and /or, more seriously, essential fatty acid deficiency. Adequate absorption of essential fatty acids is necessary to maintain membrane structure in cells throughout the body and to maintain healthy skin. Essential fatty acid deficiency also reduces blood-clotting time. Incomplete digestion of fat allows fat to coat food particles and therefore interferes with the hydrolysis of other food components such as protein and carbohydrates.

    TzymeTM Protease Blend – a proprietary blend of enzymes consisting of alkaline, neutral and acid proteases including bromelain and papain. These proteases are active in a wide range of pH's, ensuring that proper protein digestion will begin in the stomach. Our blend also includes enzymes with a wide range of specificities (i.e. both endo- and exo- peptidase activities) in order to ensure the highest degree of protein hydrolysis. The proteases will help in hydrolyzing dietary as well as cellular debris in the GI tract to prevent formation of toxigenic amines.

    TzymeTM Polysaccharolytic Blend – The enzymes in this blend facilitate the digestion of all carbohydrates. They ensure the bio-availability of nutrients and active ingredients from the dietary carbohydrates and the complex macrostructures of the plant materials.

    One of the several essential ingredients is Chromium picolinate and polynicotinate. They deliver bioavailable chromium, an essential trace element required for normal glucose metabolism. The benefits of Chromium picolinate are improved lipid patterns, stabilized glucose tolerance, lowered cholesterol and enhanced lean body mass. Chromium nicotinate may be even more effective.

    TzymeTM AntiOx Blend – This blend of highly active antioxidants is incorporated to ensure vitality of the gut epithelial cells, and prevent further oxidation of vital digestive hormones and enzymes.

    TPPTM Lypo also contains several herbal ingredients proven to enhance cholesterol and triglyceride control. These include:

    Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitrate, a powerful lipogenic inhibitor (inhibits fat production from carbohydrates). Fatty acids are synthesized from acetyl-CoA, which in turn is made from citrate, a product of the Kreb's cycle, by the enzyme citrate lyase. Hydroxycitrate inhibits this formation of acetyl-CoA from citrate.

    Guggulipids Extract is an extract of gum gugulu which has been extensively studied. Multicentric clinical trials found that gugulipid lowers serum cholesterol and triglycerides beginning after 3-4 weeks.

    Bladderwrack provides iodine, which provides support for the thyroid and thereby for the body's overall energy metabolism. It is also known to lower cholesterol levels.

    Rice Bran is the source of rice bran oil, which has been shown to improve plasma lipid and lipoprotein profiles. The primary constituent of rice bran oil believed to be responsible for this effect is oryzanol, which inhibits cholesterol absorption without reducing cholesterol synthesis.

    Garlic Extract has been studied extensively and has been found repeatedly to have a wide variety of beneficial effects, including the lowering of serum cholestero.

    Lecithin is included to assist bile in emulsifying fat in the digestive tract. It is a necessary precursor to effective digestion by lipases and optimal triglyceride hydrolysis.

    Globe Artichoke Extract contains caffeylquinic acid compounds, probably the most important constituent for stimulating bile secretion and lowering cholesterol."