TPP™ Digest - 60 Capsules

TPP™ Digest - 60 Capsules

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TPPTM Digest is formulated to provide specific enzymes needed to hydolyze dietary food macromolecules. These macromolecules include triglycerides, proteins with diverse amino acid sequences, starch, xylans, cellulose, hemicellulose, lactose, dextrins and others. The enzyme blends in TPPTM Digest will enhance the digestibility of the molecules most commonly found in human diets and ultimately, optimize a more complete and balanced procurement of nutrients needed by the body to sustain health and vitality.

TzymeTM is the trademark of a proprietary blend of highly active, functional enzymes. These enzymes are pH balanced and GI tract stable. This blend is formulated to enhance the digestive process and impart systemic benefits.


  • IMPAIRED GALLBLADDER FUNCTION – Normal digestion of dietary fats is accomplished by lipases with the assistance of bile. Bile is produced by the liver and supplied by way of the gallbladder. The function of bile is to bring ingested fats into emulsion to facilitate the work of the lipases. TPPTM Digest, with its high concentration of lipase, provides the liver and gall bladder with additional assistance. This support can help the body compensate for impaired bile production due to gallbladder stress or removal.
  • MALABSORPTION – The absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract depends upon the degradation of proteins and carbohydrates to their elementary constituents, simple sugars and amino acids. The absorption of nutrients derived from fats is somewhat complicated and requires both emulsification from bile and degradation from lipases. Malabsorption of nutrients may arise from incomplete digestion. The broad spectrum of stable and functional digestive enzymes in TPPTM Digest addresses this problem.
  • FOOD ALLERGIES – Food allergies may arise from the leakage of undegraded food macromolecules into the blood. The immune system mounts a response to these "invaders" and becomes primed to strongly respond to subsequent presentations of these antigens. Thorough degradation of the ingested food macromolecules to their simplest monomers will destroy any antigenicity and reduce the reoccurrence of food allergy.

    Optimal digestion is dependent upon effective digestive enzymes. It has been established that stable ingested enzymes work with endogenous enzymes in maximizing the digestive process. TPPTM Digest contains highly active enzymes with a broad range of specificities to handle all food preferences.


    TzymeTM Protease – A proprietary blend of enzymes consisting of alkaline, neutral and acid proteases. Our proteases are active in a wide range of pH's. This vital characteristic ensures that proper protein digestion will initiate in the stomach.

    In order to ensure the highest degree of protein hydrolysis, this blend also includes enzymes with a wide range of specificities (i.e. both endo and exo-peptidase activities).

    TzymeTM Lipase Blend – This unique blend of lipolytic enzymes aids the body in the normal digestion of dietary fats. Incomplete digestion of fats may result in a number of essential fatty acid deficiency conditions that include diarrhea, skin ailments, lack of cell membrane integrity, and a reduction of blood-clotting time. The incomplete digestion of fats can also contribute to the coating of food particles that can interfere with the hydrolysis of other food components such as proteins and carbohydrates. The action of these vital lipid-digesting enzymes helps to secure the optimum absorption of essential fatty acids. This absorption, in turn, can minimize and prevent the occurrence of essential fatty acid deficiencies and strengthen the overall health of the body.

    TzymeTM Polysaccharolytic Blend – This blend of various enzymes helps to facilitate the digestion of all carbohydrates. It is important to note that no single carbolytic enzyme can adequately hydrolyze the various carbohydrates in human diets. The Tzyme polysaccharolytic blend is formulated to ensure optimum polysaccharide digestion. The enzymes in this blend can tolerate the low pH of the gastric juice. Amylase catalyzes complete digestion of starch in the gastrointestinal tract. Malt diastase attacks starch cleaving off, primarily disaccharides. Lactase is for the digestion of lactose (milk sugar) into glucose and galactose. Invertase breaks down sucrose into glucose and fructose. Alpha galactosidase cleaves off the non reducing terminal 1-3, 1-4, or 1-6 linked galactose residues in oligosacharides such as stachyose and raffinose. Cellulase has been added to this formulation to increase The water binding capacity of the cellulosic fibers in the diet. The binding of water increases stool bulk and decreases bowel transit time. Additionally, the cellulase will increase the ability of cellulose to remove toxins. Hemicellulases hydrolyze various complex carbohydrates such as b-1,4-glucans, a-L-arabinosides, b-D-mannosides, 1,3-b-D-xylans, and other polysaccharides. Xylanase (endo-1,4-b-xylanase) hydrolyzes xylan polymers (b-1,4-linked xylopyranose polymers) to yield short chain xylo-oligosaccharides of varying lengths. Macerase and pectinase break down pectins commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Phytase (inositol hexaphosphoric acid), hydrolyzes phytic acids (phytates) found in grains, seeds, rhizomes and other plant-derived foods."