RepairZyme - 45 Capsules


RepairZyme - 45 Capsules

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RepairZyme aids development of good muscular, skeletal, and tissue health.

  • Athletic Injuries
  • Muscle, Tissue Repair
  • Skeletal Support

    RepairZyme is formulated for anyone desiring good muscular, skeletal, and tissue health. Old sport or athletic injuries are sure to benefit from the phyto-chemicals and rebuilding nutrients in this product. Athletes who require support after exercise will find this formula advantageous to their good health.


    Grape Seed Extract is one of the powerful antioxidants used to eliminate free radicals from the body. It has been used to counteract the effects of aging and is a complete plant product. Grape Seed Extract was included in this formulation to act as a scavenger to carry off toxic wastes and for the beneficial nutrient combinations for repair of tissue. It restores flexibility to arterial walls and restores connective tissues. It is also known as a "proanthocyanidin", a free radical neutralizer.

    Yucca emulsifies toxins and accelerates the breakdown of organic wastes such as uric acid. Research indicates potential usefulness in the treatment of arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory abilities.

    Butchers Broom is known for its benefits to circulatory problems, such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Its ability to carry toxins from the body also makes Butchers Broom a valuable herb in this formulation, assisting in repairs to the system.

    Rose Hips contain many nutrients including from ten to one hundred times more vitamin C than any other food. Vitamin C is used by the body to fight infections and reduce the effects of some allergic-producing substances. Rose hips also enhance the benefits of grape seed and its proanthocyanidin affects.

    Broccoli, Carrot and Spinach are considered to be part of the plant family which are listed as "phyto-chemicals or phyto-nutrients". Many articles have been written on this subject. Newsweek gave it the front page because it is believed they will prevent cancer with their healing nutrients. These three plant foods are rich with essential nutrients for repair to the system because of the synergy that they work when combined with herbs. They are a rich antioxidant and increase energy at the cellular level.