HM DX (formerly Heavy Metal Detox) - 60 Capsules


HM DX (formerly Heavy Metal Detox) - 60 Capsules

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HM DX (formerly Heavy Metal Detox) – 60 Capsules | |

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Most individuals have more lead and mercury in their body than is compatible with optimal health. Research has estimated that in excess of 50% of the U.S. population suffers from some form of heavy metal toxicity. Many of the heavy metals in the body are a result of environmental contamination due to industry. Common sources of heavy metal toxicity, in addition to industrial sources, include mercury from dental fillings, lead from pesticide sprays, cooking utensils, solder in tin cans, cigarette smoke, contaminated fish, cosmetics and antacids. Early signs of heavy metal poisoning are vague and often attributed to other problems. Symptoms may include headaches, fatigue, muscle pains, indigestion, tremors, constipation, anemia, pallor, dizziness and poor coordination. Even minimal heavy metal toxicity can impair the ability to think clearly or to have mental concentration. An abundance of research and information indicates that chronic heavy metal toxicity is a major problem in our modern society. The removal of this burden should be taken very seriously.

The abundance of possible problems coupled with the severity of heavy metal toxicity has led to the creation of Heavy Metal Detox. This formula is specially designed to bind with the heavy metals within and help pull these toxins out of the body. The dangerous problem of heavy metal toxicity can be facilitated by eliminating the source of the toxicity and utilizing Heavy Metal Detox. In addition to serving as a powerful chelating agent, this product will support the liver in its process of cleansing and detoxification and replenish the body with minerals that are often depleted by these metals.

TzymeTM is a trademark of a proprietary blend of highly active, pH balanced, GI tract stable and functional enzymes formulated to enhance the digestive process and impart systemic benefits.

Formulation Rationale:

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid): Use of this vitamin is the most effective method of raising the levels of the detoxification compound glutathione.

L-Cystine (HCl): This sulfur containing amino acid and component of glutathione readily binds with and discards heavy metals.

Apple Pectin: Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are excreted harmlessly through the bowel utilizing this fiber carrier.

Sodium Alginate: This derivative of kelp has demonstrated significant heavy metal detoxification abilities.

Kelp Algae: An excellent source of minerals, iodine, potassium, magnesium and iron that may have been depleted through heavy metal toxicity.

L-Methionine: A sulfur containing amino acid that readily binds with heavy metals and aids the liver in detoxification.

Chlorophyll: A nutrient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that has a heavy metal binding capacity. Also has excellent liver cleansing and detoxifying properties.

TzymeTMProtease Blend: This proprietary blend of protease aids in the lysis, targeting and absorption of all plant-based substances.

TzymeTM Polysaccharolytic Blend: This proprietary blend of enzymes limits the inappropriate binding and removal of these trace minerals from the body by oxalates and phytates.

The serious and widespread problem of heavy metal toxicity necessitates use of a serious, well-balanced nutritional product. The powerful nutrients in the Heavy Metal Detox formulation are designed to help the body in its efforts to ease the metals out of the cells, provide the body with minerals that are often depleted by these metals and support the liver in its process of cleansing and detoxification. The addition of the enzymes helps secure the absorption of the minerals and nutrients necessary to revitalize and restore the body to its optimal state of health and well-being.