20% Vitamin C Cream

20% Vitamin C Cream

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Reduces Wrinkles- Brightens Skin- Evens Skin Tone- Repairs Skin Damage

Increases the Production of Collagen

Limited Time. Free Oatmeal Scrub with Purchase.

Prevent and even reverse the signs of aging & lighten sun-damaged skin with potent 20% Vitamin C Cream! Our mortar & pestle blended cream can also increase collagen production with its concentrated level of antioxidant-rich Ascorbic Acid, protecting the skin from aging free radicals. Blended with Tocopherol and Geranium & Grapefruit Essential Oils & an emollient Multi-base Cream.

Laurie's hand=blended cream does have a gritty feel. Since the Ascorbic Acid is crushed with a mortar & pestle there are small crystals of Vitamin C. Just let the crystals do their magic.

For Best Results: Cleanse face & remove any traces of makeup. Massage a small amount of Vitamin C Cream on dry skin, neck & around eyes, avoiding the rim of the eyes.