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In Memory Of Oliver and Ernie

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It is hard to believe I have Ernie for two years now. I rescued him from N.S.A.L.A., it was a difficult decision since I have two full grown cats at home, and at that time Oliver was still with me.

I thought it might be best to get a kitten, he or she would be less threatening, but when I arrived to choose a cat it was overwhelming. There are hundreds of cats who need a loving home. I sat for an hour just staring at the pathetic site of all these beautiful creatures in cages. I saw Ernie there and there was something about him, he was fully grown, and seemed so large for his cage.

There was something alluring about his spirit, as big as he was he played with this felt carrot. He was unable to stand, but he flipped it around with his head. I inquired some information on his back-ground. I was told that someone had tossed him in a dumpster when he was a few months old, can you believe that! They then explained that if I were to take him, not to expect much in return since he was so damaged.

I still wanted to see him out of the cage, and sure enough he cowered, as they brought him over. His muscles had all atrophied since he was lying in a cage for so long. I thought the heck with it I will take my chances, and take him. He literally did not come out form under the couch for two days, not to eat or do his business. That is how damaged he was. It takes a lot of patience to take in an animal that is damaged, because most people want an animal to love, and to get love in return.

If you are not willing to be rejected for quite some time, I advise you not to get such an animal, because you will be disappointed, and frustrated. You need PATIENCE, and you will learn a lot about yourself, as well as the animal. I can surely attest to the fact that if you give them space, and love from a distance, they will come around, and they will be ever so grateful. It is a wonderful feeling, and as you can see Ernie has come along way, and the best part is they instinctively know you have literally spared them and have given them freedom, and love. That is special

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