If enzymes truly are catalysts which participate in virtually every bodily process, and if a shortage can cause a variety of illnesses, then why are they not widely used as a treatment? It is certainly true that they are not widely used here in the Americas, but what about other countries? In Europe enzyme therapy is routinely used to treat a variety of illnesses.

In Salzburg, Austria, Dr. Neuhofer treats her multiple sclerosis patients with a powerful enzyme mixture which she has developed. In 1986 she published a statistical analysis of the results of her enzyme treatment on over 100 patients. 85% of the patients in the study group showed improvement and 54% of the patients showed substantial improvement. Dr. Klein, the head professor at the Rehabilitation Center for Rheumatic Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease in Saalfelden, Austria published a study demonstrating the effect of anti-inflammatory enzyme mixtures in the treatment of arthritis. This and other studies report that enzymes can be used to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatologic disorders such as loss of grip strength, the ability to bend the joints, joint swelling, pain, and morning stiffness.

Two physicians at the Sports Medicine Investigation Center in Grunwald, Germany conducted a study of the effect of an anti inflammatory enzyme mixture on the treatment of a hematoma which is the medical term for a bruise. The treatment was evaluated as good for 76% of the enzyme treated subjects and by only 14% of the placebo treated subjects.

Dr. Zuschlag conducted a study of karate fighters using enzymes as a precaution before fighting. This was a double blind study where neither the fighters nor Dr. Zuschlag knew who were taking the enzymes and who were taking a placebo. At the end of the testing period the results were studied statistically. In general the enzyme group recovered from injuries in 7 days while the placebo group recovered in 16 days.

According to some European Sports Medicine reports, there is scarcely a top athlete in Germany who is not familiar with enzyme therapy. Additionally, the top Austrian athletes, runners, wrestlers, boxers, handball players, and skiers are provided with enzyme capsules as a precaution to aid in rapid recovery after an injury.

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