Injury is a common problem with all those who are athletic – especially professionals and Olympians. Sports medicine doctors know that they can’t prevent injuries, so they look for methods to heal players as quickly as possible.

Karate fighters experience considerable injuries so doctors chose them as a test group for a double-blind study using oral enzymes and placebos. Those taking enzymes three times a day before the events healed 50% quicker than those taking the placebos.

The German Olympic team doctors conducted similar tests with all types of athletes. The results were comparable for 82% of the players, and soreness from strenuous events was considerably less.

Athletic Injuries and Surgery

Professor Raas of the University of Innsbruck, who is responsible for the health of Austrian athletes in the Winter Olympic games, also confirmed those findings. He stated a good portion of the success achieved by the athletes under his care would not have been possible without enzyme preparations.

He advises even casual athletes to take enzymes daily to lessen the effects of potential injury. Another benefit of enzymes is that they regulate your metabolism. The less enzymes in your body, the lower your energy level. Those with chronic fatigue can improve with enzyme supplementation.

Doctors elsewhere have found that oral enzymes taken before surgery accelerate healing, and allow patients to be discharged from hospitals quicker and resume their daily routines sooner.

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