Welcome to The Natural Pharmacy


Since 1990, our goal has been to provide each patient with information about the safety and effectiveness of traditional prescription drugs and natural/holistic therapies. Our knowledge of Pharmaceuticals and Natural/Holistic Remedies enables the safe integration of traditional and natural therapies. The function of integrative therapy is to provide a safer and more effective therapy with fewer adverse or toxic side effects. We educate patients through private consultations, diagnostic screening, seminars, workshops, book sales, newsletters and clinical trial publications.

Our staff is well trained and will gladly help you with your questions. Our access to natural products is extensive, providing you with the source for all your healthcare needs. We are well stocked with NATURAL VITAMINS, HERBS AND HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES, aromatherapy essential oils, Natural Health and Beauty Aids, Safe home products, Certified Organic food items, and Holistic magazines & books.

We specialize in NATURAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT for women and men. Working with individuals and their physicians, we can compound hormones that are in the exact ratios as they appear naturally in the human body.

The Natural Pharmacy is a COMPOUNDING PHARMACY. We actively combine raw materials, formulating individualized prescription orders from Physicians, Dentists, and Veterinarians.